HR System

Introduction of work

SINAENG Co., Ltd. is maintaining a cooperative corporate culture in which the individual and company develop together through a just and rational HR system.


  • We evaluate the achievements and capabilities of employees in a rational manner to recognize the contributions to our company.


  • Regular Promotion : Performed once a year on employees who have completed the employment duration for a position.
  • Special Promotion : Performed on employees with excellent task capabilities and performance.
  • Position System : Employee (5 years) → Assistant Manager (4 years) → Manager (4 years) → Deputy Senior Manager (4 years) → Senior Manager (4 years) → Director
  • Training : We are providing online and on-site training for improving English conversation capabilities through cooperation with Korea’s best professional education institution.


  • We pay separate incentives in addition to yearly salaries for achievements through efforts of employees and organization.
  • We award prizes to long term employees, excellent employees and good teams to appreciate their efforts.


  • We are operating a training course per position and job function for training and nurturing of manpower.
  • We impose a mandatory learning time requirement system for the self-development and career development of all employees to provide a just education opportunity.