Reactive Power Compensation Controller

Power quality

reactive power compensation controller

Connection Diagram

Organization Diagram



7-inch true color graphic LCD [consolidated voltage/current/power display]


voltage/current ±0.2% Full Scale

128 samplings/Cycle True RMS measurement

Supports 50/60Hz

Supports 3-phase 4-wire/3-phase 3-wire

Voltage, current, power [active, reactive, volt-ampere], power factor, frequency


Maximum, minimum

Harmonics analysis

voltage/current 3-phase THD

Expression up to 31st

Power quality Sag
Vector diagram

Harmonics analysis graph [voltage, current] up to 31st

Each phase’s power factor

Power compensation Sag event detection
Power factor and THD (manual/automatic)
Delay time adjustment
Manual Mode function
8-channel power factor and harmonics control digital output
Digital output Digital output expansion
Communication RS485/422 [Modbus RTU protocol ] 1 port
Others AC power [85 ~ 265V]
DC power [100 ~ 300V]

Measurement function

Function Measurement elements Measurement range Note
Measurement function voltage(V)  0.00~999.99kV
Current(A) 0.00~999.99kA
Active power(kW) 0.00~999.99MW
Reactive power(kVAR) 0.00~999.99MVAR
Volt-ampere(kVA) 0.00~999.99MVA
Frequency(Hz) 40~70Hz
Power factor(%) -1.000~1.000
Phase 0.000~360.00º
Harmonics voltage % or V 1~64th
Power quality harmonics current % or A 1~64th
Sag 0.1~0.9pu
Sweel 1.1~1.8pu
Measured data processing Average value upon Max/min 3-phase voltage/current, active/reactive/volt-ampere power, harmonics voltage/current 1~60minutes


Electrical characteristics

  • Data display
    – RMS, Pf, Angle, Hz, VA, W, VAR, harmonics (voltage, current 64th)
  • Graph display
    – Meter : V, I, Pf, VA, W, VAR, Hz
    – THD : each phase V, I (category, selected display possible)
    – Power Factor
    – Phase (phase error displayed together)
    – SVC & Manual filter ON/OFF status
    – data scope function


  • Event Processing
    – Alarm display if data set range exceeded
    – History accumulation and USB storage function
  • SVC & Harmonics Filter Bank
    – Harmonics filter can be selected per order (select condition, combination and time)
    – Current operating status and operating time of individual harmonics filters can be displayed.
    – Fan operation/stop can be selected by setting of individual banks and temperature inside equipment
    – Set auto/manual mode through key input


    • Triple Redundant Control Power
      – Receives 3-phase input power and meter operates even if one phase is dropped out
      – Prevents memory loss during power outage by employing super capacitor
    • Uses True color LCD
    • Noise reduction system applied
    • High speed memory for storage of instantaneous data

Measurement and Analysis

  • RMS data : Va, Vb, Vc, Ia, Ib, Ic,In
  • hidden=”true”>  Instantaneous voltage : Va, Vb, Vc, Ia, Ib, Ic, In
  • Power Factor : A phase, B phase, C phase (between voltage-current)
  • Phase angle: A phase, B phase, C phase (between voltage-current)
  • THD(%) : Analyzes the voltage and current harmonics up to the 64th by order
  • Frequency(Hz) : A phase ,B phase, C phase (voltage)
  • Instantaneous voltage drop(sag) detection (standard: 0.1~0.9pu, range adjustable)
  • Volt-ampere(kVA), active power(kW), reactive power(kVAR), integrating power





Phasor and Pf

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